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For service, repair or any questions regarding your water heater, call the appropriate 800 number

listed within this section. Please DO NOT return the product to the place of purchase. Also, DO

NOT mail the product back to the manufacturer, nor bring it to a service center without proper

instructions and permission from one of our representatives.

The terms of this warranty are solely subject to the original owner and are at no time transferable. A

transfer of ownership will result in immediate termination of this warranty. This warranty is valid only

if the product is purchased from an authorized reseller that has an established direct relationship

with the manufacturer.

The manufacturer warrants to the original owner that our instant water heaters will be free from

defect in workmanship and material for TWO YEARS from the date of purchase, and free from

leakage for SEVEN YEARS from the date of purchase. Should any part(s) prove to be defective

during this period, the manufacturer will only be responsible for a replacement water heater or

replacement of the defective part(s). The manufacturer is not responsible for labor charges or any

incidental or consequential expenses. If a replacement water heater or part is not available, the

manufacturer’s liability is limited to the cost of the water heater or $1,000.00, whichever is less.

The manufacturer is not an insurer, and the original owner should purchase insurance to cover

damage to property or belongings. The original owner agrees to waive their right to jury trial or to

participate in a class action. Also, the original owner agrees to waive subordination to the extent a

loss is covered by insurance, so that their insurance company cannot proceed with action against

the manufacturer for recovery of any claims. Furthermore, all requests must be arbitrated in the

state of New Jersey.

Should the owner wish to return the water heater for repair, the owner must first secure written

authorization from the manufacturer. The owner shall be required to show proof of purchase date

and to pay all transportation costs to return the defective part(s) or water heater for repair or

replacement. Warranty is void if: (i) water heater has been installed or used improperly; (ii) design

has been altered in any way; (iii) water heater has been installed and/or serviced by someone other

than a licensed electrician; (iv) or if the water heater has been installed or used in contradiction to

installation instructions, applicable laws and/or ordinances.


product names and the orange and black color scheme are trademarks of Stanley Black & Decker,

Inc., used under license. All rights reserved. Ph: 1-844-746-6688



Imported by:

Paragon Group USA,

Englewood, NJ, 07631


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