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BD-36-DWH (36kW)

BD-36-DWH (36kW)


36 kW Self-Modulating 6.1 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater, Multi-Application Hot Water Heater Electric


•Serves Whole House (up to 5 Showers and 2 Faucets in Warm to Hot Climates)

•Reference the performance guide to confirm this unit will provide sufficient hot water to meet your need

•Requires 4 x 40A double-pole breakers, 4 x 8/2 AWG wires, 240V

•Saves up to 50% on water heating costs

•Stainless Steel, non-corrosive, lead free internal canisters and piping

•Standard 1/2 in. NPT (straight thread) fittings

•Easy-to-use digital control allows you to set the desired temperature in increments of 1F

•Flow sensor will turn unit on automatically

•Lead Free

•cETL Certified

•Easy Installation – NO venting, gas lines or T and P valve necessary

•Warranty - 7 years leakage free, 5 years on the heat exchanger, and 2 years parts only

•Ideal for commercial or residential

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